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RN/LVN Refresher Course

Niles College is pleased to offer the RN/LVN Refresher Course. This course is a theory, laboratory and clinical experience designed to assist the RN in applying the nursing process and other essential skills to the care of clients experiencing common health alterations. Laboratory emphasis is placed on practicing and updating familiar skills as well as learning new skills in a non-threatening environment. RN's with an active license may also take the course to learn new skills or practice current skills. Clinical emphasis is placed on the management of clients in an acute care setting such as a hospital, home health or skilled long-term care.


Prerequisites: Students in this course must hold a current or pending renewal nursing (RN) license. Current enrollment is required for entry into this course.


Purpose: The purpose of this course is to update the license of nurses to allow them to function competently and comfortably within the legal parameters of the Nurse Practice Act and the ANA Code of Nurses.


Contact Hours: The course consist of 80 hours of clinical in an acute care setting facility, such as hospital, home health, skilled long-term care or hospice with a preceptor.


Required Text:

  • Fundamental & Advanced Nursing Skills, 3rd edition
  • Pearson Nurses' Drug Guide, 2011.

Methods of Instruction:

  • Assigned readings
  • Lecture
  • Clinical laboratory experience
  • Clinical experience.

Objectives: Upon completion of the RN/LVN refresher course, the RN/LVN should be able to function as a provider of care, manager of care and as member within the discipline of nursing as they:

  • Integrate the nursing process as a framework for the management of care for the clients and families. The student will be able to assess the client and family, analyze the data, form a nursing diagnosis, develop and implement a nursing plan of care with goals and outcome criteria, evaluate the plan of care and make changes to the plan as needed to restore the health of the client or to provide the client with respectable end of life care,
  • Apply organizational and interpersonal communication skills in managing the care of clients, families and other health workers. This includes effectively reporting and recording patient assessment information and plan of care and integrating teaching and learning strategies for client and family education,
  • Integrate cultural, spiritual, psychological and developmental influences when managing client care,
  • Integrate the principals of pharmacology safety and competently when providing client care. This includes being knowledgeable of actions, side effects, doses and precautions of commonly prescribed medications as well as safe administration of oral, parenteral and intravenous medications,
  • Integrate the principles of safety when providing care to clients and families,
  • Incorporate the principles of nutrition for maintaining optimal healthcare for clients and families,
  • Value legal, ethical and professional parameters when managing client care.

Expectations: Nurse refreshers are expected to attend all clinical hours. If a nurse refresher misses a clinical time, it is their responsibility to call the instructor and inform them that she/he will not be attending the clinical. The nurse refresher must also arrange a make-up date with his/her instructor. Absences are discouraged, as they will delay the completion date.


Evaluation: The student's successful completion of the course is defined as:

  1. Completing the clinical objectives and the total 80 clinical/skills hours without incident by 100%. The full 80 hours must be completed between the start and ending dates of the course as advertised (within 16 weeks of registration). Credit will only be given for completion of all objectives and time associated with the course,
  2. Completing the skill's checklist (either demonstration in a clinical setting and/or skill's lab) by 80%,
  3. Evaluation of skill's demonstration and clinical performance includes both self-evaluation by the students, as well as input from the instructor and clinical preceptor. Patient's safety and self-safety is of optimal concern. Any student who jeopardizes the safety of the patient may be dismissed from the clinical setting and possibly for the course (without refund on tuition and other fees).
  4. Students will discuss progress in this clinical course with the instructor and/or preceptor on an on-going basis throughout the course. The instructor and/or preceptor will make recommendations for areas of practice needing improvement and suggest methods to accomplish this improvement,
  5. The instructor and/or preceptor in the clinical setting will provide evaluation and feedback to the student regarding student's performance in a final written examination,
  6. If the student is found to lack the clinical skills to function safely in a clinical setting, the instructor and/or preceptor along with the student will formulate a developmental plan for meeting those learning needs. This plan may include additional time for study (i.e. extra time in a nursing lab or extended time with a licensed professional).

Certificate of completion: Upon successful completion of all requirements, the student will be given a certificate of completion as verification of receiving credit for this course.


Course and Instructor Evaluations: Students will be asked to complete an evaluation of the course as well as an evaluation of the instructor and/or preceptor.


Niles College is an Approved Provider of Continuing Education by the

Board of Registered Nursing - CEP Provider # 16143.

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