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Nursing Assistant Training Program

The Niles College Nursing Assistant Training Program will inspire students to adhere to ethical, moral and professional standards of nursing practice through the integration of the school's philosophy and curriculum. Our program will also focus on building a high level of confidence in all areas of nursing practice competencies which will enable students provide optimal care to patients.


Niles College's Nurse Assistant Training Program is consistent with the Nurse Assistant Training and Assessment Program (NATAP) Model Curriculum, Revised Sept 2013. The revised curriculum has also expanded the Recommended Teaching Strategies and Assignments, Clinical Demonstration / Method of Evaluation and updated terminology, references and sample questions. The NATAP Model Curriculum meets the Title 22: California Code of Regulations, Division 5, Chapter 2.5, Section 1337-1338.5 Certified Nurse Assistant Program and the Omnibus Reconcialiation Act (OBRA) requirements 42CFR chapter IV Section 483.152-483.158. The curriculum meets 60 hours of theory and 104 hours of clinical stated in the code.


The model curriculum was developed following CDPH guidelines. It is organized into sixteen modules, with each module containing lesson plans. 


The NATAP Model Curriculum has been developed to prepare nurse assistant for certification by the State of California as an entry-level worker on a healthcare team in a long-term care facility. The curriculum is structured to provide theory and practical application on skills needed to function as a nurse assistant.  


In order to fulfill the institution's mission, our program objectives, methods and educational emphases are as follows:

  • Provide entry level skills for employment as a CNA,
  • Prepare the students to provide safe, competent and culturally-congruent nursing care,
  • Instill in the student qualities such as values, punctuality, teamwork, dedication, compassion, confidence, ease of communication in which are extremely valued by the prospective employers and patients alike,
  • Assist the student fulfill his/her physical, psychosocial and spiritual needs,
  • Prepare the student for the State Competency Examination provided by the Northern California Regional Testing Center hosted at Mission College through the Health Workforce Initiative Bay Area Regional Center located at 3000 Mission College Blvd., MS 19, Santa Clara, CA 95054, Phone: 408-855-5203.

Niles College is a CDPH approved provider for Nursing Assistant Training Program,

Provider Identification Number S-1423.

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